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Childhood Chisunim (Vaccinations)

Childhood Chisunim are given at Tipat Chalav (well-baby clinics) and in school. If your child is born in Israel, you will receive a Pinkas Chisunim (vaccination booklet) when the baby is born, before you leave the hospital. If your child is born abroad, a Pinkas Chisunim will be issued at your first Tipat Chalav visit. It is imperative that you bring this Pinkas Chisunim every time you take your child to be vaccinated, as by law your child cannot be vaccinated without it. Vaccinating your child is not required by law in Israel.

Recommended Ages for Chisunim

The vaccines provided for babies and children as part of the vaccination program are:

  • 5-in-1 vaccine (tetanus-diphtheria-whooping cough + Haemophilus influenzae type B + polio)
  • 4-in-1 vaccine (3-in-1: measles-mumps-rubella + chicken pox)
  • Immunization against pneumococcus bacteria (Prevenar)
  • Vaccine against hepatitis B
  • Vaccine against hepatitis A
  • Vaccine against rotavirus

Vaccine against Influenza

The Ministry of Health recommends that the entire population receive the vaccine against influenza every year, at all ages, beginning with six-months-old babies. The vaccine is given at the HMOs (Kupot Cholim).