The Corporation is a legal entity which plays an important part in the Economic History of the West.  See Niall Ferguson’s dynamic presentation at this link: The Ascent of Money. 

In watching these videos, it is important to remember that the Corporation per se is neither good nor bad – but an instrument for use, much like a car.  A car can be driven with care and on the road, or carelessly and even off the road onto a walk-way.

It is men who run corporations and we must remember that. But what will make them follow the Law? or  what will restrain the heads of corporations from creating the law for their own, special advantage?  How have they been used in the past and how are they being used in today’s world?  That is the subject of these videos.



Complete Film – 2 HOUR AND 24 MINUTES  Click Here

A seminal video introducing you to an entity that pervades our lives and all of modern civilization.


BCTF Summer Leadership Conference – Prof. Joel Bakan – Part 1


BCTF Summer Leadership Conference – Prof. Joel Bakan – Part 2


BCTF Summer Leadership Conference – Prof. Joel Bakan – Part 3


Joel Bakan, Good Corp Bad Corp 2013 Osgoode Forum

Published on Sep 12, 2014

Joel Bakan, Professor of Law at University of British Colombia’s Faculty of Law delivers the 2013 Osgoode Forum Keynote speech, entitled “Good Corp, Bad Corp: CRS and the Breaking of Society”.
Speaking about Corporations and Social Irresponsibility by Design


Joel Bakan on Psychiatric Drugs for Children

Uploaded on Dec 15, 2011

Joel Bakan, UBC Law Professor and author of the book and subsequent documentary, “The Corporation”, talks about his new book, “Children Under Siege – How Big Business Targets Children”.