Science, Industry, and Government

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Since President Trump took office in January 2017, his administration (aided and abetted by Congress) has waged a war on science—undermining the role of science in public policy, giving industry undue influence on decision making processes, creating a hostile environment for federal scientists, and reducing public access to scientific information.

This pattern of anti-science actions threatens the health and safety of the American people, with the greatest impacts likely to fall on the nation’s most vulnerable populations. The science community and the general public have responded to this threat with vigorous resistance, and we must continue to stand up for science if we are to prevent the worst potential consequences of the Trump administration’s actions.

Union of Concerned Scientists

GP Comment: In fact, impartial scientific enquiry has been absent for a large part of the 20th century.  Whenever scientific research has a corporate sponsor, it is invariably influenced by the interests of that corporate entity.  This website is dedicated to documenting this in the area of pharmacology,  agriculture and sewage disposal.   It is imperative that people become aware of scientific matters outside of their normal experience, especially in microbiology, toxicology,  and human physiology.  Ultimately we are all affected by dishonesty in science. We are all harmed when industry controls the regulatory agencies in government.  Public awareness of these matters will go a long way towards rectification of great evils.

In finance, corporate innovations have threatened the integrity of the world economy.  The problems of the financial sector of the economy parallel the issues concerning science and government.


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