Glysophate by Dr. Thierry Vrain, Nov 6, 2014

Dr. Thierry Vrain is a master teacher on the effects of glysophate.

When people get sick,  (G-d forbid), they get a brain tumor or a tumor in the stomach or pancreas, so we say “how terrible” and visit them in the hospital. No one asks “where does this tumor come from?”  There is never an answer. We will need more hospitals and bigger medical facilities as the years go on to accomodate increased chronic disease patients.

It is now conceivable that historians of the future will look back and trace the Decline of the West to the successes of Monsanto, Agrium and other producers of herbicides.


Dr. Thierry Vrain, former genetic engineer and soil biologist with Agriculture Canada, spoke with us today about his concerns with genetically engineered crops (GMOs) and more importantly, the use of Glyphosate (RoundUp). Dr. Vrain’s background in the field of genetic engineering (for 30 years), makes him an expert on this gene technology. He explained how a cell is genetically engineered and what happens after this random insertion process through a gene gun and how it can have unknown effects. Since leaving Agriculture Canada 12 years ago, he has learned much more about the process of genetic engineering and the BT process (insect resistant) and the HT (herbicide resistant) crops that make up about 500 million acres. His primary concern at this time is the widespread use of Glyphosate which is a powerful herbicide, mineral chelator and a patented antibiotic. Dr. Vrain stated when speaking about Glyphosate: “It’s almost as if the entire population of North American is on a low-grade antibiotic diet day in day out from birth, everyday, so this is the reality.”